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Still time to register for Island Rec Summer Programs

There is still time to register for Island Rec kid and adult summer programs. Check out our website for additional information and registration www.islandrec.org

Adult Beginner Outrigger Canoe

Adventure Camp: Bike n’ Beach- Ages 11-16

Adult First Aid

Adult CPR Certification

Strong & Fit Senior Fitness w/ Boo Boo

Swimming Intermediate- Ages 7+

Adult Bootcamp in the Park w/ Boo Boo

Jump Rope Camp- Ages 7 - 12

International Soccer Half Day Development Camp- Ages 6 - 15

International Soccer: Minisoccer Ages 3-6

Sailing Intermediate Ages 10+

Sailing: Double Handed Sailing in High Performance Boats- Ages 11+

Basketball Camp w/ Collin - Ages 11-14

Basketball Camp w/ Tessa - Ages 6-7

Enchanted Engineering with LEGO® Materials- Ages 5 -8

FH 8.8K- All Ages

Upcoming Free Events:

Virtual Summer Mileage Challenge- All Ages!

Art in the Park with Alchemy Art Center- All Ages!

Music on the Lawn- All Ages!

For more information or registration visit our website www.islandrec.org

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