Oct. 4-6: Fish for Teeth brings free mobile dental clinic to San Juan, Lopez Islands

Islanders unable to afford dental care can receive it for free thanks to the local nonprofit Fish for Teeth from Thursday, October 4 to Saturday, October 6, 2018. On Thursday, the van will be located at the Lopez Center for Community and Arts and on Friday and Saturday, it will be parked at the Mullis Community Senior Center on San Juan.


Free immunizations September 4 at Orcas Island School District; chicken pox outbreak ongoing

San Juan County Health & Community Services will be providing FREE immunizations for Orcas Island School students at the Orcas Island School District’s Back to School Kickoff/BBQ on Tuesday September 4, 2018. Immunizations will be provided to Orcas School District K-12 students in the modular building next to the District Office on a first come, first served basis. No appointment is necessary.


PHD wants SJI EMS EMTs to carry Naloxene

San Juan County deputies, Lopez Island Fire and Rescue, San Juan Island Fire and Rescue and Orcas Island Fire and Rescue personnel have all been issued doses of Naloxene purchased by a grant obtained by San Juan County Health and Community Services Department. The medication is used to rescue people who have overdosed on opoids. The first responders carry the medication with them so that it is readily available when needed. 


DOH updates advice on eating fish

People are advised to limit their consumption of Rockfish, Dungeness crab hepatopancreas (digestive gland), and Chinook salmon caught in Marine Area 7 to four meals per month. Marine Area 7 includes the San Juan Islands. The  Washington State Department of Health Department of Health's advisories can be viewed on its website.


Don't have an air monitor? Use the 5-3-1 index to measure air quality

The two air quality monitoring sites closest to the San Juan Islands are in Anacortes and Victoria, B.C. The Washington State Smoke Blog explains a way of estimating air qualilty by using the 5-3-1 Index. Smoke from the hundreds of wildfires burning in British Columbia is affecting the air quality in the San Juan Islands. 

The air quality results on the Anacortes and Victoria, B.C. monitors at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, August 19. Red indicates Unhealthy, orange Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups, yellow Moderate and green Good. 

5-3-1 Index

Determine the limit of your visual range by looking for distant targets or familiar landmarks such as mountains, mesas, hills, or buildings at known distances (miles). The visual range is that point at which these targets are no longer visible. Ideally, the viewing of any distance targets should be made with the sun behind you. Looking into the sun or at an angle increases the ability of sunlight to reflect off of the smoke, and thus making the visibility estimate less reliable.

Once distance has been determined, follow this simple guide:

If over 15 miles: The air quality is generally good.

Between 5-15 miles: Air quality is moderate and beginning to deteriorate, and is generally healthy, except possibly for smoke sensitive persons. The general public should avoid prolonged exposure if conditions are smoky to the point where visibility is closer to the 5 mile range.

If under 5 miles: The air quality is unhealthy for young children, adults over age 65, pregnant women, and people with heart and/or lung disease, asthma or other respiratory illness. These people should minimize outdoor activity.

If under 3 miles: The air quality is unhealthy for everyone. Young children, adults over age 65, pregnant women, and people with heart and/or lung disease, asthma or other respiratory illness should avoid all outdoor activities.

If under 1 mile: The air quality is very unhealthy, and in some cases may be hazardous. Everyone should avoid all outdoor activities.