Vacation rental permit holders received notices of new regs.

San Juan County Community Development Department sent out 1,000 postcards in mid-July  to vacation rental permit holders reminding them of the new regulations which need to be followed by the end of the year. Director of Community Development Erika Shook said some people didn't realize they had a permit and some are saying they don't want it. 

The new regulations include life safety checklists, placement of the permit number in all advertising, and information that must be provided to customers and neighbors.

The mailing helps clean up the files on the permitted holders. Action regarding unpermitted vacation rentals will take place in the near future. People will be receiving notices of violation. 

While the regulations were approved earlier this year, San Juan County Planning Commission is planning on doing more work regarding vacation rentals this fall. Discussions will take place on whether the number of permits should be limited, what land use classifications should they not be allowed in and more. 

On another note, San Juan Islander's classified section noticed an uptick in the number of long-term rentals available after the regulations were first announced. While it obviously wasn't enough to solve the island's housing problem, the additional availability made a huge difference to the 10 families who were able to find year-round housing. 


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