Final 2 houses arrived for Sun Rise II in Friday Harbor

The final two houses in San Juan Community Home Trust's Sun Rise II neighborhood arrived in Friday Harbor last week. They join 10 others  barged to San Juan Island for the affordable housing neighborhood. 

The houses are part of a recycling project which has garnered international attention. The majority of the houses came from Victoria, B.C. and surrounding communities and pass through Customs at Friday Harbor Marina before being unloaded at Jacksons Beach.


SJCHT refurbishes the homes after they are placed in the neighborhood next to the first Sunrise Project near Grover Street in Friday Harbor.

Nichols Bros.  unnloaded the house nicknamed "Windsor" from Canada at Jacksons Beach Wednesday, November 28.


The other house, Stewart, was barged in from Decatur Island Thursday night, November 29, 2018. 

To view a slideshow of the project's first three houses being unloaded at Jacksons Beach click here.

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