UPDATE: County finalized REET Housing tax awards on Oct. 28

UPDATE: On October 28, San Juan County Council awarded the asked for funds for OPAL's April Grove's rental housing project, Lopez CLT's Salish Sea III project and in a change from the recommendations decided to award the full amount for metal roofing for San Juan Island CLT's Salal homes. 

San Juan County Health and Community Services is recommending the county award $600,000 from the Affordable Housing REET to two projects for a total of $600,000. The county's Housing Advisory Committee is recommending the county distribute $1.1 million to three projects. 

Four units will be added to the existing Salish Way neighborhood on Lopez Island.

HAC recommends awarding $850,000 for April's Grove on Orcas Island, $200,000 for Salish Way III on Lopez Island and $40,488 for San Juan Community Home Trust in Friday Harbor. The last is contingent on the successful completion of an income survey of applicable homeowners. H&CS recommends $400,000 to April Grove's and $200,000 to Salish Way III.

H&CS received applications for four projects to build 50 units and perform maintenance on another six units, total requests amounted to $2,150,612. The projects total costs were expected to be $18,618,164. 

OPAL Community Land Trust's April Grove's rental housing project was deemed to the the highest priority by SJC H&CS staff because it provides the most leverage of any project submitted, the most units, serves vulnerable populations seeking housing, and provides direly needed rental housing opportunities. Construction is already underway. The staff report says, given this unique opportunity, staff felt it was appropriate to recommend budgeting funds in 2020 and potentially 2021 to meet the full grant request in order to ensure this project’s successful completion.

April’s Grove will provide 45 affordable rental homes for households with incomes from below 30% to about 120% of Area Median Income (AMI) and for a range of household sizes and ages: from fully ADA accessible units for people with disabilities or seniors to three-bedroom units for families with children. The project will include 21 homes for households earning up to 50% of AMI, 20 for households up to 60% of AMI, and four homes will not be restricted by income.

Construction started on May 1, 2019 and is scheduled to be complete by July 2020. People will start to move in in August and  full occupancy is expected by December 2020. 

Salish Way III project is the ninth housing project  by Lopez Community Land Trust.  The proposed new construction development consists of four single-family, one bedroom with loft, 650 s.f (450 s.f ground level and 200 s.f. upstairs) homes. The ownership model is limited-equity cooperative. LCLT will operate a sweat-equity program. This is new construction on a site where existing co-ops homes were previously developed. The program requires a one-time subsidy of approximately 50% of total home cost. The up-front subsidy closes the gap between what a lower income household can afford and what it costs to develop and purchase a home on Lopez island. The homes will be maintained as permanently affordable using the community land model of holding land in trust and placing resale restrictions on the home for 198 years of affordability.

Lopez CLT includes the use of solar energy and having homeowners participate in the building process. LCLT, incorporated in 1989,  holds over 60 acres of land in trust, has developed 43 single family, cooperative ownership homes and manages six rental units. 

Aggregate scores by Health and Community Services staff and Housing Advisory Committee members

San Juan Community Home  Trust submitted two versions of its request for funding to replace roofs on homes in the Salal development. Instead of the 20-25 year roofing materials ordered, the Canadian manufacturer of the units installed 15-year shingles in error instead. There are ten units in Phase I, three were reroofed in 2018 with 75% directly subsidized by SJCHT, and one was reroofed at the owner's initiative in 2015. SJCHT's preferred option involved metal roofing at a total project cost of  $95,770. They asked for  a total award of $82,400.

Their second option was for a $40,488 award for current state of the art architectural shingles, with a lifespan of 25-30 years. County staff is recommending funding this option contingent upon the completion of an income survey of applicable homeowners. 

SJCHT also submitted a request for $120,000 to help with the construction of a single residence at 588 McDonald Street in Friday Harbor.

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