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May 21: UW Friday Harbor Labs Open House is back

We are delighted to share the good news that UW Friday Harbor Labs will host its first Open House in several years. We look forward to welcoming our community and San Juan Island visitors to the Labs. During the Open House (free of charge), the Labs will be open for self-guided tours.

Everyone is welcome and invited to check out the research and teaching facilities. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet scientists and students who will showcase their marine science research, answer questions and provide demonstrations. There will be posters, marine plants and animals, microscopes, plankton sampling and observations, and activities for visitors of all ages. This is a great family-friendly event.

The public is invited to learn more about marine zoology, botany, fisheries, oceanography, and the equipment used by scientists in these fields. The R/V Kittiwake, FHL’s research vessel, will be open for visitation.

There will also be an underwater SCUBA demonstration from the FHL dock, and scientific lectures by resident researchers.

Walking shoes are recommended because the tour route includes rough dock planks, gravel paths and trails.

In keeping with FHL Open House tradition, there will be free popcorn!

FHL’s website https://fhl.uw.edu/about/news-and-events/ provides a detailed overview of FHL’s research, service and educational activities.

Please join us — and help us spread the word.


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