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May 24 update on Sharpe's Corner construction project

WSDOT UPDATE MAY 24:Crews are in the middle of roundabout construction at SR 20 and SR 20 Spur. While no work will happen this weekend, drivers will merge into a single lane westbound and eastbound at this Sharpes Corner intersection. This will cause added delays for those turning left to Whidbey Island and heading toward the Anacortes Ferry Terminal. Eastbound delays leaving Anacortes have been significant and travelers should plan for long waits in this area following ferry releases on Monday. Use all available lane space and merge at the closure point to improve safety and wait times. 

To help ease congestion:

Avoid nonessential trips through this area.

Travel outside of morning and afternoon commute hours.

Work remotely.

Have your child ride an Anacortes School District bus.

Use Skagit or Island transit buses.

Consider starting or joining a vanpool (through the links above).

Ride your bike via the Tommy Thompson Trail or Skagit County roads.


While the morning commute will be busy, WSDOT expects the afternoon commute to be extra congested, start earlier and last longer. If you can’t alter your trip, make sure you are leaving plenty of extra travel time. Delay times will vary and will depend on the choices other drivers make along with the time of day that you need to travel.

For background on the project visit www.wsdot.wa.gov/Projects/SR20/SharpesCornerInterchange/default.htm

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