Lifewise Health Plan prepared to serve islanders' needs

Lifewise Health Plan of Washington, which is replacing Kaiser Permanente in the San Juan Islands, will not use auto-adjudication to process air transport claims from islanders. Kaiser Permanente used algorithms to process claims and automatically denied dozens of islanders' air transportation claims.

San Juan County Public Hospital District #1 board and staff listen to Lifewise representatives October 16, 2019. Sharon Kivisto


British family claim they are being held by ICE after accidentally driving into the U.S.

The Washington Post has an article about a family of four adults and three children from the U.K. who ended up in an ICE detention facility in Pennsylvania after they accidentally drove into the U.S.A. They were driving near Vancouver, British Columbia when they said they swerved to avoid an animal. They ended up on Boundary Road in Lynden, Washington.  They were transported to an ICE detention facility in Pennsylvania.


SLIDESHOW: 2019 Friday Harbor High School Homecoming Parade

Friday Harbor High School students took to the streets under sunny skies Friday afternoon, October 11 for the annual Homecoming Day parade. Each class created a float. Dressed in garb that matched their class's theme, they entertained the townspeople gathered to watch.  

Photos by Matt Pranger

Following the parade, the pep band and the cheerleaders lead the pep rally. The Wolverine football team rounded out the festivities by beating Foss 57-0. 


Why are Smith, Edwards determined to turn San Juan EMS over to Fire in the next six weeks?

What is the rush? Why are J. Michael Edwards, Rebecca Smith and Mark Schwinge determined to turn control of San Juan Island EMS over to the Fire District before the end of November? Edwards and Smith only have six more weeks as Public Hospital District commissioners and are pushing hard for the PHD to sign a contract with San Juan Island Fire Department before they leave. The interlocal agreement gives control and administration of EMS to San Juan Island Fire Chief Norvin Collins. 


County Democrats’ Recommendations on 2 Important State Measures

Vote Yes to Approve I-1000/R-88 and No on I-976

On the November 5 ballot, which you will receive the week of Oct. 14, the San Juan County Democrats encourage voting YES to Approve I-1000/R88 and voting NO to Reject I-976.

As the election approaches, I have two concerns I wish to share with you.

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