Gaylord running for 7th term as county Prosecutor

Gaylord is proud of the work he's done and the team he's assembled at the San Juan County Prosecutor's office. He oversees four attorneys and 5.5 FTE staff.

One of his accomplishments relates to the Barefoot Bandit case. When discussing restitution he realized that with expensive aircraft involved that might use up the amount of restitution available, some victims would be left without any compensation. He mentioned his concern to other attorneys involved. A federal attorney arranged to have the restitution done through federal laws instead of state law. Uninsured victims are reimbursed ahead of those who are insured. Gaylord worked with state lawmakers to see that Washington State law was changed to work that same way. Prioritizing crime victims just went into effect in June 2018.


Sheriff's Log San Juan Islands Oct 10-17: ferry fight, trespassers, speeders

Deputies in San Juan Islands responded to 191 calls between October 10-16 including: A Lopez Island Deputy received an assault complaint. The reporting person stated another person punched him while he was on the ferry. The incident reportedly occurred after a disagreement between the two over an alleged prior business arrangement. The investigation continues. A loaded dump truck was spilling part of its load of gravel coming off the ferry on Lopez Island creating a traffic and safety hazard. The operator returned with a sweeper and cleaned up mess.


Did Krebs and Gaylord lie to the county Council?

The fallout from the employment of Stephen Parker, the disgraced former San Juan County detective who had sex with an alleged victim in a case he was investigating, continues. His actions caused a new trial to be ordered in one case; child rape charges reduced in another case; charges dropped in a third. Now some people are debating if Sheriff Ron Krebs and Prosecutor Randy Gaylord lied when they answered questions about Parker from the county Council at its January 24, 2017 meeting.

An anonymous group has posted excerpts from the January 24 meeting on Youtube along with comments. The VIDEO of the entire meeting can be watched on the county's website. (The discussion in question starts at 1:59).

In an effort to present the facts, San Juan Islander Editor Sharon Kivisto interviewed Prosecutor Gaylord, Sheriff Krebs, and Deputy Jeff Asher this past week. Their statements contradict each other. It'll be up to the reader to make their own judgment on what to believe.


Asher would increase transparency and improve service at Sheriff's Office

Jeff Asher has been with the San Juan County Sheriff's Office for more than three decades and has many ideas of how things can be improved. Including providing Reserve Offices and a Community Service Officer to free up deputies to respond to calls. After midnight there is just one deputy on duty on San Juan Island. And after 2 or 3 a.m. there is no one on duty. (There is someone on call). 


Jewett's goal to be a judge may be in sight

Carolyn Jewett said,"When I first thought about going to law school I thought that I'd want to become a judge one day." That goal may be accomplished much sooner than she originally planned if voters choose her as the next San Juan County District Court Judge. The retirement of Judge Stewart Andrew created the opportunity.


Brandli would like to be the next District Court Judge

Steve and BJ Brandli along with their four daughters arrived in the San Juan Islands a dozen years ago when he took a position with San Juan County as a Deputy Prosecutor. After two years with the county, followed by 10 years in private law practice, he is ready, if the voters so choose, to cap his career with a new position - San Juan County District Court Judge.

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