Dec. 14 deadline for community survey

The San Juan Prevention Coalition is asking community members to please help support prevention by taking 3-5 minutes to complete the short online survey. Community perspective and perceptions are a very important aspect of their prevention work where the primary focus is having each and every child in our community reach his or her full potential.


Recent permit applications: 4 vacation rentals, commercial sign, subdivision alteration

Recent applications filed at the San Juan County Community Development Department include four for vacation rental permits. Three of those are on Orcas Island, one on San Juan Island. Also filed was an application for a commercial sign on Orcas Island. On Lopez Island, a permit for a  subdivision alteration and one for a shoreline variance relating to lot width coverage were filed. 


San Juan Island School District schools back to normal for Wednesday, Dec. 11

The San Juan Island School District schools will operate normally on Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

The district says "in ongoing dialogue with the Sheriff’s Office there continues to be an absence of any credible threat to our students or our schools. We will hold school tomorrow as usual, with no lock out practices. We will continue to maintain communication with the Sheriff’s Office."


Evidence of explosion found on San Juan Island

A crater approximately 5 feet in diameter and 8-10 inches deep was found on the north side of Jensen's Bay Road on San Juan Island this morning.  According to a reliable source gunshots were heard about 30 seconds before a loud boom at 7:15 a.m. Tuesday, December 10, 2019. The crater and debris, indicative of a tannerite explosion, can be seen about 300 to 400 feet in from Cattle Point Road.


Blood drives: Dec. 18 on Orcas; Dec. 19 Friday Harbor; Dec. 20 Lopez

Orcas Island, San Juan Island and Lopez Island Lions Clubs each host several blood drives a year and provide a critical percentage of the donations used at Northwest Washington Hospitals. So far this year, these three drives have collected more than 600 donations—each of which can help up to three different people. That means this year alone, these three clubs may have helped more than 1800 people. The donations are used for individuals facing crises like emergency surgery, organ transplant, cancer treatment, or battling lifelong chronic illness.


San Juan County Sheriff's Press Release about school response

On Sunday afternoon the Sheriff’s Office received a report that a high school student was going to come “shoot up” the school in Friday Harbor. The juvenile was believed to be off island, but possibly coming back Sunday night to collect his stuff and then leave the island to move to Arizona. A comprehensive search was conducted Sunday night without success. After speaking with his parents and friends, we believed that he was in fact not on island. After monitoring the off loading of the ferries, we also determined the subject also did not come off the ferries.

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