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Courtroom security camera in Friday Harbor aimed at defense's notes

The trial for Dustin Schibel hit a snag when court staff realized the security camera in San Juan County District Court in Friday Harbor had zoomed in on the defense attorney's notes. According to court observers, Superior Court Judge Kathryn Loring happened to notice the action when she was at her assistant's desk which has a screen that shows the feed from courthouse cameras. She immediately informed  Don Eaton who was presiding over the trial as the interim District Court Judge. 

The security camera is located in the corner of the San Juan County District Courtroom near the jury seating, diagonally across the room from the defense table.

The camera is controlled through San Juan County Sheriff's Dispatch Office.  Sheriff Ron Krebs said he was adjusting the controls trying to obtain a wider shot of the courtroom when the incident occurred. He said the zooming was unintentional and no words could be read. 

The seven-member jury was kept out of the courtroom while the event was discussed. They waited most of the day Friday before being dismissed with the plan of returning at 11:40 a.m. Saturday to finish the trial. They were ordered to avoid online media to prevent hearing about the reason for the delay. 

Before they return, Judge Eaton will hear the defense attorney's motion to dismiss. Judge Eaton directed the defendant, Defense Attorney Kenimond, Prosecutor Randy Gaylord, Sheriff Krebs, and an IT staff person to be ready to go at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, February 2, 2019. A copy of the video will be shown. 

The trial concerns charges of fourth-degree assault, harrassment and first-degree criminal trespass. 



  • Hardy Schmidt Thursday, 07 February 2019 07:20 Comment Link Report

    This is outrages. How do you trust someone to handle evidence? Who are we to believe if someone claims evidence was planted? He clearly lied also when saying nothing could be read. Pictures clearly show what was written on the jurors notebook. We are a country of laws and this is unacceptable cheating to try and secure a conviction. He must resign or if he is unwilling to do the right thing, he must be fired.

  • John Lee Pettimore Friday, 01 February 2019 17:49 Comment Link Report

    It's never Ron Krebs's fault is it? Nope. Always someone else to blame. Parker hiring....someone else's fault, or whoops. Parker information about being a bad actor given to Gaylord, in writing, and still ignored...someone else's fault.
    Female prisoner/inmate alleged that Krebs groped her during a search and notably, during the other 3 searches that occurred during her ordeal, by 3 other deputies, she didn't allege misconduct. Not Ron's fault. Nope blame someone else.
    Detective sleeping with a witness/victim to the point of a conviction being tossed and massive litigation being filed against the county. Nope, not Ron's fault.
    Never Ron's fault.
    Facebook usage logs presented during the last campaign show him using FB at work an inordinate amount of time. Nope, not Ron's fault.
    Well, 58% of the voters chose him, so they will likely believe whatever story he is spinning now.
    Sorry to the citizens of this county. I hope one of the up and coming officers is willing to step up and take the reigns as soon as Ron resigns or is forced to resign due to his continued malfeasance.

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