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Second section of security video - zooming in juror's notebook

On Friday, March 1, 2019, San Juan County District Court released four clips taken from  courtroom security camera video that shows the zooming action that resulted in a criminal case being dismissed. The second section of video -  16-second clip showing zooming in on juror's notebook - is posted at the end of this page.  

Still from second section of the video. The 16-second video clip is posted at the bottom of this page. 

The controls for the camera are in the Sheriff's Dispatch Office. Sheriff Ron Krebs has claimed the zooming was accidental as he tried to enlarge the screen view of the camera. The entire section of footage that shows the camera zooming in and out was not released as one unit due to security concerns cited by Krebs' attorney and county IT staff. They thought security would be compromised if people could deduce blind spots after they saw what the default position of the camera revealed. 

The zooming shown on the first of the four video clips was done by Dispatcher Nicholas Wainwright. He was curious what was on the large piece of paper that was the Prosecutor's exhibit. 

EDITOR's NOTE: The full 16-second video clip has been uploaded replacing the 4-second version that was inadvertently uploaded earlier.  


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