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UPDATE: Vanlieu sentenced to 22 months in prison for voyeurism, assault and more

Scooter Vanlieu was sentenced to 22 months in prison by San Juan County Superior Court Judge Kathryn Loring on October 17, 2022. He was ordered to seek treatment while in prison. After the San Juan Island man is released he will be under community supervision for 36 months.

Vanlieu pleaded guilty to:

Count I - Possession of depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct - second degree (Domestic Violence)

Count II - Voyeurism in the first-degree (Domestic Violence)

Count III - Assault in the third-degree 

Count IV - Violation of a protection order (DV) Gross Misdemeanor (Domestic Violence)

The judge reminded Vanlieu that two protective orders are in effect. One is for 10 years for his victim and the other one for five years for his former friend and business partner who Vanlieu plead guilty to assaulting. 

San Juan Island man charged with 3 counts of voyeurism - posted July 28, 2021

Scooter Charles D. VanLieu pleaded not guilty to three counts of voyeurism and one count of second-degree possession of depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct in San Juan County Superior Court. The three counts of voyeurism are Class C felonies. The second-degree possession charge is a Class B felony. 

The 38-year-old San Juan Island resident allegedly had a Blink camera set up in a bathroom and bedroom. 

He was released without bail on conditions he appear at his omnibus hearing on  August 23, 2021. He was forbidden from contacting two individuals. 

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