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UPDATE: Aldous allowed to move to mainland; Omnibus hearing set for Dec. 19

UPDATE: On October 12, 2022 Jason Aldous was granted permission by San Juan County Superior Court Judge to relocate to Stellacom and to travel to Seattle and Tacoma for employment. On October 17, a omnibus hearing was set for December 19, 2022. 

Bail set at $25k for Friday Harbor man accused of rape 2nd degree of a minor posted 6/27/ 2022

Jason Aldous moved to San Juan Island with his wife and two children six years ago. Monday, June 27, he appeared in San Juan County Superior Court and pleaded not guilty to five charges involving sex with a minor. The charges are:

Rape 2nd degree (incapable of consent)

Sexual exploitation of a minor

Sexual exploitation of a minor

Controlled substance distribute minor penalty count

Sexual misconduct with minor 1st degree 

The omnibus hearing is set for August 8, 2022

The charges relate to actions allegedly occurring after the Aldous family invited a homeless girl into their home. She had dropped out of school and her mother threw her out of the house according to court documents.

According to the probable cause statement: The 17-year-old victim met Aldous when she started working there at the Friday Harbor House where he was general manager. Aldous and his wife offered to take her into their home in September 2021. On November 1, 2021, the couple signed as the victim's Minor (Child) Power of Attorney. The form was signed by the victim's biological mother.

"...Sometime in the first week of November the victim voluntarily committed herself to inpatient treatment at Smokey Point Behavioral Health. She initially was sent to Peace Island Peace Health hospital, where hospital staff reported odd behavior as Aldous was laying in the hospital bed with the victim with his arm wrapped around her in a "spooning" position. Deputy's report indicates that it was said Aldous was "cuddling" with the victim and appeared to be "kissing her neck".

The first incidence of sexual intercourse happened when a "tipsy' Aldous brought alcohol to her room.

"...Starting on December 1st, 2021, the victim and Aldous began engaging in sexual intercourse every other day.

"...In mid to late December 2021, prior to Christmas, the victim had another mental health crisis in which she attempted to jump out of a second story window. She stated Aldous was holding her by the waist and she bit him. He called for his wife. She came upstairs and helped stopped the victim from jumping out the window. At this point the victim disclosed to his wife that Aldous and her had been having sex. 

"On the following day of the incident, the victim, Aldous and his wife had a talk. She recalled his wife sitting next to Aldous and being cuddly. She indicated that his wife needed to know if the act was "consensual". Jason claimed that they were drunk and that the victim had raped him. He later explained to the victim that he had to say that otherswise his wife would divorce him."

Information about a video, polaroid photos and more details about sexual activity from January to April of 2022 are detailed in the probable cause statement.

Aldous was recorded on a June 2 (in the morning) confrontation phone call with the victim. This was done with a single party consent order obtained by the San Juan County detective. Allegedly in the conversation, xanax, sex acts and polaroid photos were discussed.

Search warrants were obtained that day by the detective. Aldous contacted the victim and allegedly planned to meet her to have sex with her that night. She agreed to meet him at Marketplace, where he was purchasing beer. She then informed the detective. 

Aldous was arrested at Marketplace on June 2, 2022. 

A probable cause hearing was held and the prosecution asked for a $50,000 bail. Judge Loring released him on personal recognizance and a requirement that he use an alcohol detection device. He was required to surrender any firearms which he did June 3.

Charges weren't filed until June 21, 2022. The assistant prosecutor told the judge the delay was due to more investigation taking place.

At the June 27 arraignment, the prosecution asked for $250,000 bail believing Aldous is a danger to the community.

His defense attorney asked that bail be set at no more than $20,000, citing the Aldous family's positive actions for the community. Feeding the Fire Department was one of several examples cited.

Bail was set at $25,000.  Aldous must use an alcohol detection device and a GPS monitor. 


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  • Lisa Dowling Tuesday, 28 June 2022 20:22 Comment Link Report

    $25k bail? Seriously? He preys on a very vulnerable young woman and bail is set at $25k? Keep your daughters close while he’s out!

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