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San Juan Islands Sheriff's Log August 10-17: Stampeding horses, dog bites, indecent exposure, death threat

San Juan County Deputies responded to 209 calls from August 10-17, 2022 including: An Orcas Island Deputy investigated a vandalism to several safety deposit boxes inside the post office. A Deputy on Orcas Island responded to a report of a person attempting to gain access to a tent. After investigation, it was determined the culprit was likely a racoon.

The disposition codes are: ACT- active; ALS-Advanced life support; BLS - Basic Life Support; CIC - citation issued; CLO - closed; FAL - false; INA - inactive; NR - no report; UNF - unfounded; GOA - gone on arrival; FTA - failure to appear. 


22-005650 Traffic Violation 07:19:52 (Orcas Island) CAA

A deputy on Orcas Island stopped a vehicle for trespassing on private property. The driver was arrested for driving while license suspended and giving false information to a peace officer.

22-005651 Found Property 08:18:57 (San Juan Island) CLO

A Deputy responded to a found property call in Friday Harbor. An anonymous person turned in a small white pouch containing an unknown substance to the Sheriff's Office. It is unknown what the substance is or who it may belong to. The item was placed into the property room for destruction.

22-005652 Traffic Violation 09:57:38 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005653 Citizen Assist 10:18:30 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005654 Citizen Assist 11:42:08 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005655 Welfare Check 11:43:57 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005656 Traffic Violation 12:29:04 NR

22-005657 Citizen Dispute 13:43:04 (San Juan Island) CAA

Deputies on San Juan Island responded to a report of a citizen dispute. Upon arrival it was learned that the suspect made a death threat. The individual was arrested for felony harassment and was booked into jail without incident. A probable cause statement was completed.

22-005658 Traffic Hazard 14:26:35 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005659 Found Property 15:31:39 (Orcas Island) INA

An Orcas deputy responded to a local business regarding a found purse. The purse was collected. No ID found. It was booked into property at the Orcas Substation.

22-005660 Found Property 16:29:29 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005661 Traffic Violation 17:32:27 CIC

An Orcas Island Deputy stopped a vehicle for expired registration. The driver was found to be driving on a suspended driver license and was subsequently cited for registration and suspended license violations.

22-005662 Traffic Violation 17:33:55 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005663 Welfare Check 17:40:25 (San Juan Island) INA

San Juan deputies responded to a request for a welfare check in Friday Harbor. The person was found to be well and had support of family members. No law enforcement action was needed.

22-005664 Traffic Violation 17:42:55 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005665 Citizen Assist 18:03:10 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005666 Deliver Message 18:48:32 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005667 Citizen Dispute 18:58:08 INA

22-005668 Juvenile Problem 19:12:22 (San Juan Island) INA

A San Juan deputy responded to a report of a runaway juvenile. The deputy located the juvenile and the parents were notified. The deputy counseled the juvenile regarding their behavior and ways to cope with difficulties.

22-005669 Court Order Violation 19:25:00 (San Juan Island) UNF

22-005670 Trouble Unknown 19:45:53 (Lopez Island) UNF

22-005671 Medical Emergency 20:48:42 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005672 Mental Health 22:45:59 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005673 Citizen Assist 23:37:02 (San Juan Island) NR


22-005674 Trespassing 06:38:28 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005675 Sex Offense 07:35:56 (San Juan Island) CAA

A Deputy on San Juan Island responded to a report of a sex offense. The incident was investigated and probable cause was established. A male subject was arrested for indecent exposure.

22-005676 Citizen Assist 07:57:18 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005677 Traffic Violation 08:01:07 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005678 Trespassing 08:43:36 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005679 Citizen Assist 09:07:39 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005680 Citizen Assist 10:15:57 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005681 Trouble Unknown 10:47:19 INA

22-005682 Official Misconduct 10:59:07 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005683 Alarm 11:14:34 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005684 Citizen Dispute 11:16:11 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005685 Welfare Check 11:31:41 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005686 Traffic Violation 11:33:08 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005687 Trespassing 11:36:56 (San Juan Island) INA

A Deputy on San Juan Island responded to a report of trespassing. Two individuals will be served a trespass warning letter for all Port of Friday Harbor properties.

22-005688 Citizen Assist 12:26:28 (Lopez Island) NR

22-005689 Citizen Assist 12:29:26 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005690 Traffic Hazard 13:46:06 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005691 Malicious Mischief 13:59:21 (Orcas Island) INA

An Orcas Island Deputy investigated a vandalism to several safety deposit boxes inside the post office. A report was authored.

22-005692 Fraud 14:38:08 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005693 Theft 14:44:30 (San Juan Island) CAA

A Deputy on San Juan Island responded to a theft at a local business. The investigation led to recovering the items. The subject was arrested for theft in the third degree and issued a trespass notice for the business.

22-005694 Citizen Assist 14:59:11 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005695 Agency Assistance 15:01:05 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005696 Welfare Check 15:13:28 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005697 Citizen Assist 15:45:05 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005698 Theft 15:46:45 (Orcas Island) INA

A deputy on Orcas responded to a mail theft call near Doe Bay. A report was taken. No suspects at this time.

22-005699 Trouble Unknown 16:39:13 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005700 Traffic Violation 16:48:54 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005701 Vicious Animal 18:24:39 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005702 Welfare Check 18:43:21 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005703 Trouble Unknown 19:16:43 (Lopez Island) NR

22-005704 Assault - Aggravated 19:25:27 (San Juan Island) CAA

A San Juan deputy responded to a report of an Assault near Egg Lake Rd. The reporting party was contacted and probable cause was developed to charge the suspect with a crime. The suspect had fled the area and was not able to be located. The case was forwarded to the Prosecutor for charging.

22-005705 Traffic Violation 20:43:40 (Lopez Island) CIC

A Lopez Deputy conducted a traffic stop on a speeding vehicle. The driver was issued a notice of infraction for expired registration and a warning for speed.

22-005706 Trouble Unknown 22:00:17 UNF

22-005707 Trouble Unknown 22:49:34 UNF


22-005708 Trouble Unknown 01:34:52 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005709 Noise Complaint /not dogs 01:38:15 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005710 Trouble Unknown 01:43:20 (Orcas Island) CLO

A Deputy on Orcas Island responded to a report of a person attempting to gain access to a tent. After investigation, it was determined the culprit was likely a racoon.

22-005711 Animal at Large 07:17:23 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005712 Trespassing 08:05:11 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005713 Trouble Unknown 08:11:09 INA

22-005714 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 10:39:33 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005715 Missing Person 11:32:51 (San Juan Island) INA

A deputy was dispatched to a Possible Missing Person in the San Juan Island area. The deputy made contact with the person reporting the incident. After a short period of time the missing person was located. Informational report taken.

22-005716 Trouble Unknown 12:14:57 FAL

22-005717 Trespassing 12:16:19 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005718 Theft 12:38:13 (Orcas Island) INA

A deputy on Orcas responded to a theft of property call in Eastsound. The owner was not sure when the items were possibly taken out of their yard and there are no suspects at this time. A report was taken.

22-005719 Trespassing 12:42:23 (San Juan Island) CIC

San Juan deputies responded to a report of trespassing. Two people were located camping on private property and were directed to leave. One individual was issued an infraction for discarding potentially dangerous litter for littering lit cigarette ash.

22-005721 Information Report 13:08:08 (Orcas Island) INA

An Orcas Island Deputy responded to an allegation of a subject exposing himself. An investigation was conducted and determined no crime was committed. An incident report of authored.

22-005720 Traffic Violation 13:11:33 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005722 Parking Problem 13:55:28 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005723 Welfare Check 14:03:48 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005724 DUI 14:09:18 (Lopez Island) NR

22-005725 Unconscious ALS 15:00:58 (Lopez Island) NR

22-005726 Malicious Mischief 15:07:51 (San Juan Island) INA

A Deputy on San Juan Island responded to a report of vandalism. The incident was investigated and found to be accidental. A report was generated for insurance purposes.

22-005727 Threats 15:42:34 (San Juan Island) INA

A Deputy responded to a Threats call in Friday Harbor. The caller made a third party report of verbal threats from unknowns persons walking by two other people’s residence sometime within the past couple of days. The words, suspect, & other people involved are unknown at this time. Info report made.

22-005728 Fraud 16:00:06 (San Juan Island) ACT

22-005729 Harassment 16:01:34 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005730 Citizen Assist 16:20:03 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005731 Traffic Violation 16:38:20 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005732 Citizen Assist 16:40:31 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005733 Welfare Check 17:15:25 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005734 Trouble Unknown 17:25:03 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005735 Citizen Assist 19:04:58 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005736 Animal at Large 19:43:52 (Orcas Island) ACT

An Orcas Island Deputy responded to an animal at large call on the 300 block of Sandpiper Dr. The reporting party alleged she was almost trampled by a "Stampede of loose horses." The owners of the animals were contacted, and the animals put away safely.

22-005737 Trouble Unknown 20:13:58 UNF

22-005738 Area Check 21:05:20 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005739 Area Check 21:25:21 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005740 Disorderly Conduct 21:56:14 (Orcas Island) CLO

A Deputy on Orcas Island responded to a report of a man yelling obscenities at the Orcas Ferry Terminal. The suspect was referred to the San Juan County Adult Probation Department for a violation of release conditions.


22-005741 Trespassing 05:59:48 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005742 Traffic Violation 09:10:26 (San Juan Island) CIC

A San Juan deputy stopped a vehicle for traveling 45 MPH in a posted 25 MPH speed zone. The driver was issued an infraction for speed and was warned or failure to update address.

22-005743 Trouble Unknown 09:30:38 (Lopez Island) INA

22-005744 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 09:39:02 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005745 Malicious Mischief 10:14:01 (Lopez Island) INA

A Lopez resident reported damage that occurred to two vehicles that were parked on his property. The case is under investigation.

22-005747 Agency Assistance 10:46:51 (Lopez Island) INA

22-005746 Parking Problem 10:48:28 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005748 Traffic Violation 11:03:51 (Lopez Island) INA

22-005749 Juvenile Problem 11:27:39 (Orcas Island) CLO

22-005750 Citizen Assist 12:15:16 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005751 Citizen Assist 12:28:44 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005752 Boating Problem 13:52:02 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005753 Lost Property 14:07:52 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005754 Parking Problem 14:41:21 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005755 Lost Property 15:08:00 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005756 Welfare Check 15:39:53 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005757 Civil Problem 16:02:53 (Lopez Island) NR

22-005758 Domestic Dispute or Assault 16:34:00 (San Juan Island) CAA

Deputies on San Juan Island responded to a domestic violence incident. The parties were separated upon arrival. After an investigation, one person was taken into custody for Burglary in the first degree- DV and Assault in the fourth degree- DV. A report was completed.

22-005759 Traffic Violation 17:25:39 (San Juan Island) CAA

22-005760 DUI 17:30:54 (Lopez Island) NR

A Lopez Deputy was called when a vehicle was reported swerving on the road. The driver was located and claimed to have been swerving around bikers. A report was taken.

22-005761 Aircraft Problem 19:59:20 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005762 Parking Problem 20:12:17 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005763 Animal Noise 20:53:22 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005764 Trouble Unknown 21:14:18 UNF

22-005765 Trespassing 21:37:01 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005766 Accident-NonInj 21:43:26 (San Juan Island) CAA

Deputies on San Juan Island responded to a single vehicle accident. The driver had gone off the road and was uninjured, there were no passengers. The driver admitted to consuming alcohol. The driver was subsequently arrested for DUI. A report was completed.

22-005767 Trouble Unknown 21:52:18 UNF

22-005769 Medical Emergency 21:54:38 UNF

22-005768 DUI 21:55:31 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005770 Trouble Unknown 21:59:05 UNF

22-005771 Juvenile Problem 22:37:46 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005772 Noise Complaint /not dogs 23:24:20 (San Juan Island) NR


22-005773 Noise Complaint /not dogs 00:09:27 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005774 Unconscious 05:51:10 (San Juan Island) CLO

A deputy was dispatched to an Unconscious Person in the San Juan Island area. The deputy arrived after San Juan EMS. The person had only been sleeping next to the road. Information report taken.

22-005775 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 07:07:28 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005776 Trespassing 08:57:17 (Orcas Island) CLO

22-005777 Traffic Violation 09:19:36 (Lopez Island) NR

22-005778 Traffic Violation 09:41:12 (Lopez Island) CIC

A Lopez Deputy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle speeding on Fisherman Bay Road. The driver was issued a notice of infraction for expired registration and given a warning for speeding.

22-005779 Threats 11:33:30 (San Juan Island) INA

A Deputy on San Juan Island responded to a report of threats. A subject used vulgar language towards another. Reporting party was advised about the laws regarding harassment versus free speech.

22-005780 Sick or Injured Animal 12:25:04 (Orcas Island) INA

22-005781 Traffic Violation 12:27:18 (Orcas Island) CLO

22-005783 Lost Property 12:27:39 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005782 Found Property 12:28:37 (San Juan Island) CLO

A deputy responded to a walk in report of found property. The owner of the property was unable to be located and the property was entered into the property room per policy. Report made.

22-005784 DUI 14:52:15 (Lopez Island) INA

A Lopez resident called in a suspected DUI driver. A deputy located the involved vehicle and determined the driver was not intoxicated. The driver admitted to looking at their phone and trying to locate a cell signal.

22-005785 Citizen Assist 14:56:38 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005786 Trouble Unknown 14:59:58 (Orcas Island) UNF

22-005787 Citizen Dispute 15:25:49 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005788 Found Property 16:03:34 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005789 Citizen Assist 17:01:09 INA

22-005790 Juvenile Problem 17:59:45 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005791 Traffic Violation 19:21:49 (San Juan Island) CIC

A San Juan deputy stopped a vehicle for speeding in the Lakedale area of Roche Harbor Rd. The driver was issued an infraction for Speeding - 70 mph in a 45 mph zone.

22-005792 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 19:30:10 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005793 Trespassing 20:08:31 (Lopez Island) INA

A Lopez deputy issued a trespass letter at the request of a property owner.

22-005794 Unwanted Person 21:30:24 (Orcas Island) NR


22-005795 Agency Assistance 07:00:44 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005796 Found Property 07:41:31 (San Juan Island) CLO

A deputy was given an item found in the Friday Harbor area. The item was entered into evidence as Found Property. Information report taken.

22-005797 Traffic Violation 09:08:30 (Lopez Island) NR

A Lopez resident complained about speeding vehicles on the road in front of his residence. The radar trailer was placed in the area.

22-005798 Welfare Check 09:14:33 (Lopez Island) UNF

22-005799 Controlled Substance Problem 09:27:46 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005800 Citizen Assist 10:04:55 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005801 Traffic Hazard 10:43:30 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005802 Citizen Assist 12:19:11 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005803 Trespassing 12:29:06 (San Juan Island) INA

A Deputy responded to a report of a trespassing incident that occurred on 8/6/22. The reporting party wished to have the person involved trespassed from her property and she signed a trespass letter. The person involved is not on island at the moment and will be served when he returns.

22-005804 Citizen Assist 12:35:25 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005805 Vicious Animal 13:20:19 (San Juan Island) ACT

A deputy was dispatched to an Animal Problem in the Friday Harbor area. A dog had attacked another dog, injuring it. The injured dog was receiving treatment at the vet. Probable cause for Public Nuisance. Report taken.

22-005806 Citizen Assist 13:31:45 (Lopez Island) INA

22-005807 Citizen Assist 14:01:04 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005808 Communications Problem 14:28:19 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005809 Theft 14:28:45 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005810 Trespassing 15:24:53 (San Juan Island) ACT

22-005811 Citizen Assist 15:48:29 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005812 Traffic Violation 16:05:18 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005813 Abandoned Vehicle 16:25:22 (Orcas Island) CLO

22-005814 Citizen Assist 16:37:27 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005815 Theft 16:55:50 (San Juan Island) INA

A Deputy on San Juan Island responded to a report of a theft. The incident was investigated and found to be a civil issue.

22-005816 Mental Health 17:08:15 NR

22-005817 Found Property 17:22:22 (San Juan Island) CLO

A Deputy on San Juan Island responded to a report of found property. A cell phone was turned into the Sheriff's Office after being found in the roadway. The phone was entered into evidence as the owner is unknown.

22-005818 Trouble Unknown 17:33:37 (Orcas Island) CLO

22-005819 Official Misconduct 17:43:15 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005820 Traffic Violation 17:43:16 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005821 Boating Problem 17:52:52 ACT

22-005822 Animal at Large 17:56:48 UNF

22-005824 Medical Emergency 19:00:14 (San Juan Island) INA

A Deputy on San Juan Island responded to a medical complaint by an individual in custody. The individual was evaluated by EMS and a deputy took them to the hospital. The hospital cleared them to return to jail. A report was completed.

22-005825 Boating Problem 19:22:50 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005823 Unwanted Person 19:27:59 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005827 Trouble Unknown 19:57:34 (Orcas Island) UNF

22-005826 Trouble Unknown 20:12:01 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005828 Trespassing 20:13:54 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005829 Trouble Unknown 21:12:09 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005830 Unwanted Person 21:36:27 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005831 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 21:46:07 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005832 Noise Complaint /not dogs 23:06:13 (Orcas Island) NR


22-005833 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 00:22:44 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005834 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 01:00:22 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005835 Disorderly Conduct 04:54:21 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005836 Alarm 05:35:54 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005837 Traffic Violation 06:20:01 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005838 Welfare Check 07:03:28 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005839 Citizen Assist 09:02:18 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005840 Litter/Pollution/Public Health 10:16:39 (Lopez Island) NR

22-005841 Sick or Injured Animal 11:05:42 (Lopez Island) NR

22-005842 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 11:17:02 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005843 Medical Emergency 11:31:59 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005844 Fraud 12:08:59 (Orcas Island) ACT

An Orcas island resident reported a fraudulent credit card account opened in his name. A report was taken.

22-005845 Civil Problem 12:19:57 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005846 Trouble Unknown 12:24:40 NR

22-005847 Found Property 13:15:17 (Lopez Island) NR

The Chamber of Commerce turned in a cell phone to the Sheriff's Office that was found on the side of the road. A Deputy contacted the owner, who had lost their phone while visiting the islands. The cell phone was mailed to the owner, who lives in Seattle.

22-005848 CPR ALS 13:20:59 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005849 Agency Assistance 13:48:39 (Orcas Island) NR

22-005850 Sick or Injured Animal 14:20:54 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005851 Communications Problem 14:38:51 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005852 Disorderly Conduct 15:34:21 (San Juan Island) CAA

A San Juan deputy responded to a report of disorderly conduct. One individual was arrested and booked into jail for indecent exposure.

22-005853 Animal Bite 18:58:53 (San Juan Island) ACT

A Deputy on San Juan Island responded to an animal bite with EMS. The victim was bit when separating two dogs that were in an altercation. The victim was seen by EMS, then went to the hospital for further treatment. The other dog owner was cooperative and was issued a dog at large warning letter.

22-005854 Trouble Unknown 21:06:57 FAL

22-005855 Noise Complaint /not dogs 21:37:01 (Orcas Island) NR


22-005856 Welfare Check 00:14:00 (San Juan Island) NR

22-005857 Noise Complaint /not dogs 00:18:06 (Lopez Island) NR

A Lopez Island Deputy responded to a noise complaint. No crime was observed. An informational report was taken.

22-005858 Weapons Noise 00:22:29 (Orcas Island) NR

Total Incidents for This Report: 209

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