County Parks Department conducting Tree Work at Odlin

As part of Odlin Park’s new campground development project, the San Juan County Parks Department contracted certified arborist/forester Carson Sprenger to assess the condition of the trees in an area of the park, and remove dead and hanging limbs from several of the old growth trees in that area.

Some Lopez Island residents and park users have contacted the Parks Department out of concern that trees marked with ribbons will be cut down. In fact, there are no plans to remove any of the trees.


Cultural Landscape Restoration Moves Forward at American Camp

Work is under way at American Camp as the next step in the Cultural Landscape Restoration moves forward. The park will be removing a stand of young Douglas fir that has encroached on Mt. Finlayson and Grandma’s Cove area. There are approximately 300 trees in the stand which will be removed by mechanical methods and chipped on site.

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