Group wants to recreate Old Military Road Trail from American Camp to English Camp

On June 13, a group of San Juan Islanders met with the Board of San Juan Island Park and Recreation District (Island Rec) seeking to be recognized as an official committee of Island Rec to explore the feasibility of creating a new trail connecting the two camps of San Juan Island National Historical Park – English Camp and American Camp. The Island Rec Board approved and The Old Military Road Trail Committee was born.

A trail at English Camp near the original Old Military Road)


San Juan Island National Historical Park seeks volunteers for “Fox Brigade”

San Juan Island National Historical Park is seeking volunteers for a Fox Brigade to help protect the foxes and their spring kits in the American Camp prairie. This area has become a major destination site to see the newborn fox kits in recent years. A rise in use of Instagram and other social media platforms that geo-tag the location resulted in tremendous growth in visitation.

Unfortunately, with the larger numbers, some visitors disturb the natural and wild state of the animals in pursuit of getting close-up photos by placing themselves too close to the foxes and baiting them out of their dens with food.


National Park Service issues decision on the American Camp Visitor Center Replacement Project

San Juan Island National Historical Park today announced the availability of the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the 2018 Replace American Camp Temporary Visitor Center Environmental Assessment (EA). The FONSI, which was signed by National Park Service Pacific West Regional Director Stan Austin, identifies the selected alternative and is the decision making document for the project.


Comments due by Jan. 3 on BLM plan for San Juan Islands National Monument

This Draft RMP/EIS is available to review at and addresses a range of alternatives for the purposes of providing overarching goals and objectives for the management of the Monument to include the protection and restoration of historic and cultural resources, providing for recreation opportunities, and coordinating the management of these lands with local tribes and governmental organizations.

Planning Area Map. View larger PDF on BLM website

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