Comments due by Jan. 3 on BLM plan for San Juan Islands National Monument

This Draft RMP/EIS is available to review at and addresses a range of alternatives for the purposes of providing overarching goals and objectives for the management of the Monument to include the protection and restoration of historic and cultural resources, providing for recreation opportunities, and coordinating the management of these lands with local tribes and governmental organizations.

Planning Area Map. View larger PDF on BLM website

The Draft RMP/EIS presents a full spectrum of different management alternatives, and analyzes the environmental effects of the alternatives. Based on this analysis and comments the agency receives on the Draft RMP/EIS, the BLM will prepare a Proposed RMP/Final EIS with the assistance of cooperating agencies.

The public is encouraged to submit comments through the internet, email, or postal mail:




San Juan Islands National Monument

BLM Lopez Island Office

PO Box 3

Lopez, WA 98261

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