Let Wildlife Be Wild, Do your part to protect our island wildlife

San Juan Island National Historical Park provides habitat for many species of animals. When you visit the park, you are visiting their home. The choices you make have a direct effect on the wild animals that live here. By following the simple steps listed here you can help protect these animals and help to keep wildlife wild.

Do not approach any wildlife within 25 yards (75ft). Keep a safe distance from all wildlife.

Use binoculars or telephoto lenses for safe viewing and to avoid disturbing them. By being sensitive to its needs, you will see more of an animal's natural behavior and activity. If you cause an animal to move, you are too close! It is illegal to willfully remain near or approach wildlife, including birds, within ANY distance that disturbs or displaces the animal.

Some wildlife has unfortunately been conditioned to human presence and may approach you or your possessions looking for food. It is your responsibility to move away and discourage direct interactions.

Do Not Feed Foxes or Other Wildlife

You may think you are doing wildlife a favor, but feeding them can result in harm to yourself and the animal because:

Wildlife can lose their natural fear of humans. This can create a situation where animals bite or attack. If this happens the animal may have to be destroyed.

It attracts animals to roadways and parking lots where deadly and dangerous accidents can occur.

Mammals and birds carry diseases that can be fatal to humans or their pets.

Human food affects their immune and digestive systems leading to premature death.

Animals lose their natural fear of humans and could become more vulnerable to pets and humans who might harm them.

Increased territorial behavior and fighting may occur when many animals are attracted to small areas competing for the same food source.

There is plenty of natural food in the park

How You Can Help

Do not approach any wildlife within 25 yards

Do not feed wildlife

Discourage close encounters with animals—it is your responsibility to get out of the animal’s space

Dispose of waste properly

For more information contact Jenny Shrum at (360) 378-2240 x2225 or jenny_shrum@nps.gov. www.nps.gov/sajh

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