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Private donations needed to complete Brann Cabin restoration

San Juan County Parks and Fair Department hopes to raise approximately $37,000 in private donations or in-kind services and materials to complete the historic Brann Cabin restoration to a fully functional, open to the public, building.

Using funds raised by Friday Harbor school children, county Historic preservation grants, and the Park Fund, the first phase of the project is nearly complete. Log cabin restoration expert David Rogers has squared up and stabilized the 111-year-old cabin, installed a foundation, replaced rotting floor structures; and made repairs to the loft where Brann's daughter lived during the early 1900s.

Along the way Rogers found some artifacts - 1919 - 1930s era newspapers used for wallpaper, flattened cans and cardboard from depression-era boxes that had been used for insulation and more wood rot than the project planners had hoped for. Rogers is now putting the finishing touches on the new shake roof.

The Brann Cabin was built on land that is now San Juan County Park, overlooking smallpox bay at the close of the 19th century.

It is believed to be the sole surviving building from San Juan County's homestead period in its original location that is easily accessible, on public land.

It was built by Civil War Veteran Levi Brann of Maine, who came to San Juan Island in 1892. He homesteaded a 92 acre tract of land on the bay and was granted title to the land in 1902.

The Parks Department has put together a "wish list" of items needed to complete the work ranging from historically accurate stove pipe to landscaping and heritage trees.

Cash is needed to custom build some items, but the project could also use in-kind contributions from those who have access to the right materials.

The project has recently received a $1,500 Valerie Sivinski grant and the donation of a period cook stove.

People wishing to make a donation can mail a check to San Juan County Parks, 350 Court St #8, Friday Harbor, WA 98250; contact the San Juan County Park Office by phone at 360.378.8420 or stop by the main park office or the San Juan County Park and pick up a donation envelope.

The department's email address is parks@sanjuanco.com

Brann Cabin Project Wish List

Custom built and installed to restoration period detail:

Doors - $3,500

Windows -$6,000

Foundation logs - $2,200*

Skip sheathing - $1,500*

Floor joists - $2,300*

Interior flooring - $3,000*

Interior wall planking - $3,000

Lime chinking - $1,000

Foundation flashing $1,500

Stove pipe, stove reconditioning - $1,500

Site work – $3,500

Interpretive material - $5,000

Landscaping - $600

Heritage trees -$400

Partnerships for Programming – $2,000

*Work completed in Phase I with Park Fund loan.

**Fundraising goal: $37,000


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