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Odlin Park Improvements Moving Forward, Camping Discounts Offered

The San Juan County Parks and Fair Department expects that major renovations to Odlin Park on Lopez Island will be finished by mid-summer of this year.

When complete, the improvements will include a new group camping area, major expansion and improvements to the day use area, an upgraded drinking water system, wetland restoration, better campground access and the relocation of a road that divided an open recreation area from the shoreline picnic area. Much of this work has already been completed.

The park was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s and has grown to be one of the County’s premier camping destinations as well as a popular day use recreation area for local residents. Renovations will preserve the familiar ‘rustic’ feel of the park.

Members of the County Park Board recognized the need for renovation and upgrades as early as 1976. The renovations finally became possible after the project won a major grant from the Washington Wildlife Recreation Program in 2009 and received additional funding from the Public Facilities Financing Assistance program and other sources. The total cost of the upgrades is expected to be approximately $950,000.

While construction is underway this summer in the lower park areas, the park will remain open, though there may be some sporadic service disruptions. The Parks Department will offer discounted fees for campsite rental to compensate campers for any additional noise or inconvenience during the day. Building for the future, the Department anticipates increased camping revenue, with a greater variety of sites and the new sites in the group camp area. The new group camp is scheduled to open this spring.

More information about the project is available on the County website at: http://sanjuanco.com/Parks/odlindesign.aspx.

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