Talented locals hitting a "High Note"

Sometimes it takes a village to accomplish a goal especially one like the production of "High Note" a full-length film about two friends that take matters into their own hands to help pay the medical bills of a family member. The film, co-authored by Jacob and David Gustafson,  features Seattle and San Juan Island actors.  Find out how you can help. 

Four Friday Harbor siblings, Jacob, David, Jenny,  Amy Gustafson (their mom is Mary Long) along  with friends Carl Billington and Molly Elder are in preproduction for this "druggie, dramedy, indie musical that’s filled with Germans, Jesus, banjos, bongos, beers, and bongs." 

Production starts in December for seven days straight with post production ending in mid-February.   The plan is for "High Note" to premiere in Friday Harbor on February 23, 2017. 

The brothers co-authored the script.  Jacob, currently a film student at UC Santa Cruz is the producer. David is the director.  Carl, a graduate of Seattle Film School, is the director of photography. He and Jacob will edit the film. 

Amy is the production coordinator and  Jenny is the assistant producer/art director. Molly Elder, also from Friday Harbor, is writing all of the songs. She can be seen singing in the trailer posted at the end of this article. 

The brothers explain the thoughts behind the project on their website. "We want to convey to the audience that certain vices like drinking, smoking, and drug use affect all of us, especially so for the people in our family. We have always felt that shying away from the subject of addiction never really accomplishes much, so our story focuses on how these characters came into their “druggie” situations by going through each one of their backstories. We want to show the audience that the lines between Good and Evil, or more importantly between moral and immoral, blur heavily within each and every one of us. Our goal isn't to exploit the use of drugs. Our goal is to tell a story that we think millions of people have gone through. The only difference is that we want to tell it through song and dance!"

Here are ways the community can help these Friday Harbor graduates:

Follow them on  Seed&Spark  - Clicking on "follow" helps them in the Hometown Heroes Rally The top 10 projects that reach the green light and have the most followers by October 13, 2017 will qualify for the finals and get to pitch The Duplass Brothers. 

There is a wishlist of items that you can pledge cash to. Or you can pledge by selecting a  donation incentives: 

$5 - Danke Schön

With this pledge, you get a Thank You in the Credits! See your name highlighted in gold on the big screen!

$10 - That's a Wrap!

Come join the party! With this pledge, you are invited to spend the evening sharing drinks and laughs with the cast and crew after they have wrapped principle photography!

$15 - Photoshop Me

With this pledge, you can get yourself photoshopped into the Behind the Scenes featurette! Be apart of the set in spirit!

$20 - Background Player

Become a vital part of the film by becoming an extra for us! Get that beautiful mug of yours seen by the masses!

$25 - Final Cut

With this pledge, you get a digital download of the film once it's complete! 

$35 - Behind the Scenes

With this pledge, you get a digital download of the film, and a behind the scenes featurette with it!

$50 - Tee Me Everything 

With this pledge, you get your very own High Note Crew tee shirt, as well as everything above! You will be considered an official member of our team when you wear one of these bad boys!


With this pledge, you get an invite for two to the premiere on San Juan Island, WA, and a dinner with the cast and crew beforehand!! Also includes everything above! (Does not include transportation costs to Washington State unfortunately)

$1,000 - ISLAND LIVIN'

With this pledge, you get a 7-Night Stay on the San Juan Islands for two in the house where we film, while we film!! Also includes everything above! (Does not include transportation costs from out of state unfortunately. We can pick you up from within Washington State however)


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