Rockin the Salish Sea poster released

The poster for the 2018 San Juan County Fair is now available to business owners who are willing to post the poster in their business the month of August, and prints will also be available by donation to members of the public before and during the Fair event in the Fair Administration office.

The poster was created by Grace Brown with assistance from her mother-in-law Kristine Brown.

Grace has been interested in art since before she can even remember. While she's never had any formal training, she has taken every opportunity to practice. Her art is mostly black and white and uses fine-liner pens to create small detailed designs within larger pictures or shapes.

When she heard the theme for the 2018 fair was  “Rockin’ the Salish Sea” she immediately thought “WHALE!” 

When her daughter-in-law  asked if she could help with the background and typeface selections, Kris was more than happy to help. After years of helping other island artists with their posters, she was excited to spend the time collaborating with someone dear to her.

In between building her tiny home in her yard and coming in to get warm, Grace directed Kristine's digital efforts and she loves how it fits this year's theme. 

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