No serious injuries in plane mishap at Roche Harbor airstrip

A two-passenger Island Air Shuttle took a nose dive shortly after take off from Roche Harbor airstrip Wednesday, September 12, 2018. Pilot Tony Simpson was slightly injured in the incident. There were no passengers onboard the aircraft.

Damaged plane at Roche Harbor Airstrip. Photo by Norris Palmer

According Norris Palmer  who spoke to officials at the scene, the pilot's seat appears to have malfunctioned and slid towards the back of the plane upon takeoff. The seat became unlocked during takeoff and the pilot with seat belt and everything could not gain control of the plane. Due to the gravitational forces, it is virtually impossible for a pilot to reach the controls in that situation.  

Palmer said the owner told him, the seats had just been worked on. 

The plane took off and then veered to the left  to do a circle and the left wing hit the ground and it spun around.  The owner was happy that no one got hurt.

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