Chance to support a horror/comedy ghost adventure film

The talented islanders who created High Note,  a drug-dealing musical massacre, are kicking off their next project.  Great Gus Productions upcoming horror/comedy ghost adventure, Beyond the Shadows,  tackles the subject of Native American genocide. 

Director David Gustafson with his wife Lindsay holding the Best Independent Spirit Award. High Note ended up winning Best Guerilla Film and Best Independent Spirit Award at the  Action On Film Festival in Las Vegas last month. 

The four Friday Harbor siblings - Jacob, David, Jenny, and Amy Gustafson (their mom is Mary Long) are participating in the Hometown Heroes Rally on Seed and Spark. The top ten projects with the largest number of followers are given a chance to pitch to the Duplass Brothers for them to executive produce their films.

The filmmakers hope to raise  $10,000 in the  campaign which will be on the Seed and Spark website beginning at 9 a.m. Monday, September 17, 2018. If you can't donate, just following them on the website also helps. 

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