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Musical fundraiser raises $4,000

Have a concert, and people will come. Have two concerts with some good musicians, and even more people will come. Ask for admission in the form of donations to some respected community organizations, and people will be generous. So that’s exactly what Rich Barker and his musician friends did on September 15 and 16.

Arranger Rich Barker, members of the San Juan Jazz Quintet +2, vocalists Angel Michaels and Jill Urbach, a Gospel Choir directed by Jim Collado, and sound technician Gary Ford volunteered their time to put on two Gospel Jazz concerts at Saint David’s Episcopal Church. Community members were asked to make donations to the Food Bank or the Family Resource Center.

A week or so later, Rich Barker presented envelopes to Bill Cumming, Board Member of the Friday Harbor Food Bank, and Jennifer Armstrong, Director of the Joyce L. Sobel Family Resource Center. Each envelope contained $2,016.

Fr. Doug Simonsen, Rector at Saint David’s Episcopal Church, said, “It is always heartwarming to see community members open their hearts and support good work in such a generous way. We were happy to host these two fine concerts and look forward to future collaborations within our community.”

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