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Shannon Plummer is an Iron Man

He did it. Shannon Plummer is now an Iron Man. He finished the Lava Man Waikoloa Triathlon in 4:59:48 on Sunday, March 31. The 60-year-old Friday Harbor man was in Hawaii with his wife, Toni,  and 23 relatives including his 70-year-old sister Lorna. This year was the fifth time she has competed in this triathlon. She challenged Plummer a year ago.

Shannon (right) with his sister Lorna and two nephews. 

Participants swim 1,500 meters, bike 40 kilometers and run 10 kilometers. 

You can read about his journey to the triathlon  here

Photos of Plummer can be viewed on the Lava Man Triathlon website

A PDF of all the events is posted here

Shannon and Toni will be returning to Friday Harbor Thursday, April 4. They have a 6 p.m. ferry reservation.

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