Gov. Inslee hears about space settlements at Friday Harbor High School

While in Friday Harbor earlier this week to discuss broadband issues, Governor Jay Inslee took time to congratulate some Friday Harbor High School students. The students will be traveling to the Kennedy Space Center in July to compete in the World Finals of the International Space Settlement Design Competition. Friday Harbor students were one of four national teams selected for the World Finals this year. 

(Not listed in order) Governor Inslee with teacher Daniel Garner and students Lucy Urbach, Joely Loucks, Darcy Ayers, Julian Brown, Evan Foley, Brandon Payne, Arlo Harold, Sander Van Hamersfeld, Hank Erickson, Nick Herko, Emmett Carrier, Jaden Jones, Emma Mughal Photos courtesy of Jill Urbach


Gov. Inslee was generous with his time and asked a lot of engaging questions about the students’ proposal. According to parent Jill Urbach, the students thoroughly enjoyed their meet and greet.


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