Waiting for a hood from Texas; Mi Casita plans to reopen ASAP

Mi Casita will be back.  We are not on vacation. You may have noticed that sadly, Mi Casita has been closed up tight for the last 11 days  and that is because the hood that is the lifeblood of our kitchen, completely and irreparably broke down. While that shouldn't be a problem in this age of overnight delivery, the unit comes from the far reaches of the Texas hinterlands and is built to order.

Quite possibly it is coming via Pony Express as it still has not arrived despite the infinite number of fingers and toes we have crossed as we scan the horizon ever hopeful. While we know that you all are desperately pining for your fajitas, burritos, nachos, and frosty margaritas, no one wants us to reopen more than we do. Gregg is going crazy without a reason to run around the restaurant.

We miss you and as soon as that Lone Star hood arrives, Jim's Heating will install it as fast as humanly possible, and we will joyfully fling open our doors to all you hungry and thirsty customers.

Don't forget us, cross your fingers in solidarity, and we will see you very soon.

Love from your Mi Casita family 

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