Woman overboard, Customs officer to the rescue

A woman fell off a private boat into the rough water near the Customs Kiosk at the Port of Friday Harbor marina Saturday, August 24, 2019.  U.S. Customs Officer Tom Flynn removed his gun belt and jumped in to help her. 

File photo of the Friday Harbor marina

The two were in the water for less than five minutes according to San Juan Island Fire and Rescue Dept Chief Norvin Collins before personnel from SJIF&R and San Juan EMS arrived to pull the woman out of the water. She was checked by EMS and declined transport to Peace Island Medical Center. She had no signs of hypothermia. 

Collins said the citizens in the area were great. They brought the woman blankets. Once she was checked out, she got back on board the boat. She and her husband then proceeded on their cruise. 

Collins said the interaction between SJIF&R and SJ EMS was especially good. They were on the same radio frequencies and there was only one person in command. He said it bodes well for integration of the two departments. 

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