Rock Solid wins state 2019 Prevention Award of Excellence - Youth Leadership Team

The San Juan Island Prevention Coalition's Youth Prevention Team Rock Solid - Carly Saxe, Luke Fincher, Ramona Flierl and Inga-Clarissa Harold -  was awarded top honor at this year’s Washington State Prevention Summit in Yakima. Every year since 2011, Rock Solid has returned from the summit and completed a meaningful prevention project in their community. This award recognized their efforts. Rock Solid shares the award with the community for their ongoing support and collaboration.

Ramona Flierl, Luke Fincher, Inga-Clarissa Harold, Carly Saxe and Debbi Fincher, Rock Solid Team Advisor.

Rock Solid's key to sustainability is mentoring the younger students in the community. In this way, they build off the prevention efforts of graduating teens.

Rock Solid implemented a suicide prevention awareness campaign in  Friday Harbor Middle (FHMS) and High Schools (FHHS) for the past two Decembers. This year with a new Rock Solid member enrolled at Spring Street International School (SSIS), Rock Solid hopes to expand the campaign to SSIS.  Each student will receive a wallet-sized Suicide Prevention pamphlet, a Post-it Note from Rock Solid with local resources for teens to get support if they feel overwhelmed, and a mini candy cane to send them off on their winter breaks.

The positive feedback the Rock Solid youth get from their peers about this gesture keeps them wanting to reach out and support one another.

Last school year, Rock Solid got a conversation going about lung health and vaping. The group's eight-month  Escape the Vape campaign took place in FHMS and FHHS.  They created and implemented a 10-week-long trivia contest to test their peers' vaping knowledge. The campaign included production of PSA videos - viewed in Advisory periods, utilization of a peak flow meter to test a PE class over a period of a few months, completion of pre- and post-vapor history questionnaires to see if there were any noticeable differences among those that reported vaping and those that reported not vaping.

Overall students who reported not vaping had higher peak flow meter results. While this was a tiny sampling, the group believes this makes a case for more studies.

The survey data showed that nearly 60% of the group's  high school peers said they learned new information from Rock Solid's activities. One PSA - #LeaveMeBeIJustNeedToPee - took a humorous approach to an effort to  rid the restrooms of the the sickly sweet vapors.

San Juan Island Prevention Coalition salutes Rock Solid for their incredible effort to help their peers understand the risks associated with vaping and congratulates them on their well-deserved award.


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