"Long-Term Care in America: The Crisis All of Us Will Face in Our Lifetimes" by Dr. Geyman available now

Dr. John Geyman's latest book is "Long-Term Care in America: The Crisis All of Us Will Face in Our Lifetimes". A long-time writer about U.S. health care, Dr. Geyman examines the problems which face persons needing long-term care, offers suggestions and resources for making decisions, describes available government and community programs, discusses the under-valuation of caregivers who are essential for long-term care, and explains the need for financing reform and how to achieve it.

David Himmelstein, M.D. and Steffie Woolhandler, M.D.k , health policy experts and distinguished professors of public health at the City University of New York, offer this comment: “All of the U.S. health care system is deeply dysfunctional, but long-term care is its shabbiest and most neglected corner. Geyman brings the wisdom gained from his dual roles as a leader of American medicine and a long-time caregiver for his late wife to brilliantly analyze what’s wrong with long-term care and how it can be fixed.”

The book is available at Griffin Bay Bookstore in Friday Harbor and other island bookstores.

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