Mayor invites 'vaccine' seller to Friday Harbor

Travel to San Juan Island is limited  to essential travel until May 4 according to a public health order.  Last week, Town of Friday Harbor Mayor Farhad Ghatan  extended an invitation to his friend Johnny T Stine, a microbiologist who claims to have created in half a day a vaccine against COVID-19, to come up and stay at his B&B in Friday Harbor. 

Ghatan wrote a response on Facebook to "ridiculous claims involving me promoting a snake oil salesman". He wrote:  "I invited long time friend Johnny Stine to treat myself and only me. If he is offering his services to others, he has done so without my direction or suggestion."

Stine sells the vaccine - which he administers - and two follow-up boosts for $400. He is not a medical doctor nor is his vaccine approved by the FDA. It is also not part of any clinical trial. Practicing medicine without a license is, of course,  a crime. 

Stine according to his FB page is eschewing the conventional process of creating a vaccine. He writes: "My vaccine is going straight into people who want to be protected like now. I’m not waiting for the gov on this one.

"I’m one person. I have no millions ($$$) sitting around and I have no time to waste with that idiotic process when I have over 127 cancer patients whom I’m taking care of. Going thru the gov’t is not consistent with the model I’m working under. There are plenty of people going thru that process, but I’m interested in protecting people in the here and now. That’s all I’m able to do and I chose efficacy over beaurocracy [sic]."

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  • Holly Page Bryant
    Holly Page Bryant Thursday, 23 April 2020 11:28 Comment Link

    This is a CLEAR VIOLATION of the CLOSURE of our Island Communities to travel for ALL THOSE WHO ARE NO -ESSENTIAL!!! This Mayor has just exposed every gas station, every restaurant worker, every restroom and all the ferry workers and EVERYONE THOSE PEOPLE COME IN CONTACT WITH JUST SO THE MAYOR COULD HAVE HIS FRIEND HERE IN THE SAN JUANS...A PERSON WHO, BY HIS OWN ADMISSION, HAS BEEN IN CONTACT WITH THE CORONAVIRUS.

  • Dave Duff
    Dave Duff Wednesday, 22 April 2020 22:16 Comment Link

    Holy moly, is this person practicing medicine without benefit of a medical license?

    Please tell me I misread the part about "My vaccine is going straight into people who want to be protected like now. I’m not waiting for the gov on this one. I have no time to waste with that idiotic process when I have over 127 cancer patients whom I’m taking care of."

    From a self-described microbiologist. Not a doctor, a microbiologist.

    Attorney General Ferguson?

  • Susan Williamson
    Susan Williamson Tuesday, 21 April 2020 18:31 Comment Link

    I am not happy to hear that our Mayor invited a friend to come to the island while we are all under a State-wide, Stay Home, Stay Healthy order until May, 4th.
    “We’ve been very clear on the need for everyone to stay home,” Inslee said. “And, while most Washingtonians are doing their part, some still don’t grasp the seriousness of this pandemic.”

    Certainly, one can invite friends to visit their homes, accept treatments from them and not direct their dealings with others, under normal circumstances but we no longer live in such an environment.
    We are all under a best practices mandate: we are to shelter in place, stop all non-essential work, wear masks where required, quarantine when necessary and many other new ways of behaving. Our island community is coping and adjusting our daily lives accordingly and have been doing so for sometime now. It will continue in some fashion for the foreseeable future and its up to all of to do our best to keep us safe and sound.
    If someone has what they think to be a Cover-19 cure or vaccine available, FDA approved or not, and wish to share their knowledge and expertise they are free to do so under the provisions that anyone would be subject to. That means stay where you are to advertise and see clients in your own residence or place of business. Do not under any circumstances invite one to visit an isolated community and set up shop. That violates the shelter in place order and endangers the health of those in the community you are visiting. These are not normal circumstances and we need to proceed, in all our affairs, with the utmost care and consideration for all. I would like the Mayors office to formally address this situation and make clear what the actual circumstances are so our community can do our best to care for our health and safety.
    Susan Williamson
    Friday Harbor, WA

  • Patty Rasmussen
    Patty Rasmussen Monday, 20 April 2020 13:30 Comment Link

    So why is our esteemed mayor inviting someone from off island to stay at one of his Band B when we were required to close our B & B, loosing all of our clients because we went into isolation because of the virus.

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Monday, 20 April 2020 09:41 Comment Link

    Practicing medicine without a license? That’s illegal. Bringing someone to the island who apparently is exposed? That’s reprehensible.

  • Mark Fishaut MD FAAP
    Mark Fishaut MD FAAP Monday, 20 April 2020 07:10 Comment Link

    PO Publishing this individual’s claims without any corroboration is inappropriate. In a world gone mad prudence is essential.
    Reprinting a FaceBook posting without a disclaimer or outside verification is not acceptable.
    Given the high standards usually maintained by the Islander, this is extremely disappointing


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