Friday Harbor APS grateful to the SJICF for new software; microchipping will be possible


San Juan Island Community Foundation (SJICF) Board of Directors awarded a grant to the Animal Protection Society, Friday Harbor (APS-FH) to be used for the purchase and installation of PetPoint Data Management System – a new, updated software package specifically designed for animal shelters and rescue groups.

This purchase marks the APS-FH shelter’s transition from paper files to a digital data tracking system that will vastly improve the shelter's record-keeping and reporting capabilities; will provide analytics to monitor and improve the quality of their services and care for the animals, as well as to better align the organization with additional funding opportunities. With the PetPoint software, APS-FH will be able to offer pet microchipping services and a month of free pet insurance for those adopting a shelter cat or dog.

In 2018, the SJICF awarded APS-FH a grant for upgrading their office computers so they could implement a donor database. This recent gift from the Foundation puts the computers to even greater use.

APS-FH is deeply grateful to SJICF and its donor partners for supporting improved efficiency and effectiveness of APS-FH shelter operations.

APS-FH Mission -Our mission is to provide compassionate care and brighter futures for homeless animals, with a commitment to PROVIDING a safe haven for homeless and lost animals, REUNITING lost pets with their owners, PLACING animals in our care into qualified and loving homes, REDUCING PET OVERPOPULATION through spay/neuter education and assistance, ADVISING AND ADVOCATING for the protection of animals, NETWORKING with other shelters and pet rescue groups impacted by overcrowding or natural disasters to decrease euthanasia rates to save lives, ADVOCATING for animal welfare through education, outreach, and assistance, PROMOTING a stronger sense of the animal/human bond, AND ALWAYS adhering to our no-kill philosophy for adoptable animals.

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