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Friday Harbor APS 2021 Volunteer(s) of the Year: Renee & Brittany Kohne

Renee Koehne and her daughter, Brittany Koehne are the 2021 Volunteers of the Year of The Animal Protection Society - Friday Harbor (APS-FH).

Renee and Brittany volunteer as expert cat trappers for APS-FH’s TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program as well as experienced kitten foster parents through our Foster Program. These angels recently moved to San Juan Island from California, where they volunteered for years with their local rescue.

Brittany and Renee got into cat trapping after fostering hundreds of kittens for the rescue and deciding they wanted to do more to prevent the birth of unwanted kittens. So far, Brittany and Renee have helped trap and fix over 70 Island cats and have fostered dozens and dozens of island kittens!

Cat trapping requires early mornings, long hours, great patience, the hauling of lots of supplies, and excellent communication with the shelter and the feline’s care providers. It’s not for everyone, but these two do it with big smiles and love in their hearts for the cats and kittens.

Sometimes kittens are trapped before they are weaned, this requires that Renee and Brittany provide care for them around the clock. During “kitten season” there are felines in their bedrooms and bathrooms, they drive them back and forth to the shelter for medical care and vaccines, and, when they are ready to be adopted, Renee and Brittany open their home to potential adopters.

Thanks so much, Renee and Brittany, for making a difference in the lives of literally hundreds of feral and shelter felines. You deserve to be recognized and celebrated.


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