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It took a village to raise a boat and Dena's spirits

Sunday night, Dena Royal's moored houseboat sank during a storm. Monday, generous islanders and friends donated more than $35,000 through a GoFundMe campaign to help her. Tuesday, A1 Marine with support from Essential Sailing Industries, and the Port of Friday Harbor raised the 1973 vessel and placed it on A1 Marine's barge. 

Dena Royal wrote, "Thank you to the crew at A1 Marine for getting Macy out of the water and onto the barge, ahead of tomorrow’s windstorm. She will be stored on the barge until the weather improves. I’ll then be able to hopefully salvage a few personal items before Macy is sent to the boat graveyard. All of YOUR generous donations paid for this major recovery process. Thank you is not enough….. but THANK YOU."

Knott Jason  sent in photos and shared his thoughts on the community's response to Dena's misfortune. 

"It was a community effort. A1 Marine in the lead, my company, Essential Sailing Industries, and POFH provided key support. I think this exemplifies the nature of the new Jensen's cove. The culture has really changed in the last few months, we have acquired the lease for the chandlery and an upstairs consignment store. We are paying roughly twice what the previous tenants paid for labor and providing much higher quality output.

"The POFH is making a dramatic investment in resources at every level, from the plans to have a deep water lift, to bringing the current haul out up to modern standards, the port employees and haul out manager, Lenny, are working incredibly hard to provide world class service.

"We all benefited from the massive equipment investment from A1 Marine. They are the heavy lifters! Most importantly, when a community tragedy occurred, the entire yard set their personal businesses aside and reacted faster and more efficiently than any of us could have reacted on our own. The culture of cooperation and mutual respect that we are fostering creates an atmosphere for quality marine resources that, as businesses and as a community, we can be proud to have."


Photos courtesy of Knott Jason and Dena Royal

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  • Is Norris Palmer Wednesday, 29 December 2021 07:19 Comment Link Report

    This is really islanders helping islanders. It took almost 6 months to get the northwester put away. No one in the industry moves that fast without motivation. A great example what people can do.

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