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Sarah Crosby steps down as SJCHT President after 7 Years

The mood at the San Juan Community Home Trust is bittersweet as we announce that as of January 1, 2022, our long time Board President, Sarah Crosby, will be stepping down from her Board roles. She has been a centerpiece of the San Juan Community Home Trust for 7 years, first as a board member followed by six years as our Board President. All in our community will be sad to see her go, as she has been an incredible leader for the Home Trust and a remarkable advocate for our homeowners.

Those who have worked with Sarah will readily describe her deep commitment to the Home Trust mission of building and providing permanently affordable housing, and her fierce, seemingly bottomless dedication to ensuring our organization thrives. Over her tenure with the Home Trust, Sarah used her impressive leadership skills to build stronger processes, organize and strengthen the board, and carry the organization through multiple major transitions. Sarah was influential in overseeing the planning, building, and completion of our Sun Rise II neighborhood, now housing 12 Island families. Over the past two years, she has been working with staff, board, community members, and community leaders in designing the soon-to-be HolliWalk neighborhood, which will provide homes for 8 more families. She has brought on many staff and board members over the years, showing them the ropes of our little - yet mighty - Community Land Trust.

Sarah’s deeply committed board service has shown her true determination and dedication to maintaining affordable housing and homeownership options on San Juan Island. Her initial draw to the Home Trust came from, in her own words, feeling strongly that “we are a stronger community if we all work for and with each other to build that community.” She has long felt that a community with diversity - age, economic levels, ethnicity, backgrounds and talents - has the best chance of surviving well and rising to the challenges of our modern world. Sarah has certainly maintained that mindset throughout her time as Board President, ensuring that the focus is on our community as a whole while we continue to steward our current homeowners and build new opportunities.

In all nonprofit life, there are ebbs and flows, ups and downs. The past few years have been particularly challenging for so many people. We are incredibly lucky to have had Sarah as a leader, keeping us moving forward during unpredictable times and internal organizational shifts. With heavy hearts and gratitude, we say farewell to Sarah as our Board President, and say hello to her as a friend and advocate. Having the opportunity to work with and know Sarah has been a true pleasure.


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