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GoFundMe started to help Melody Rice

Friends of Mel and Dana Rice sent in information on ways to help the couple.

Please support the fundraising for Mel and Dana Rice. You may have heard that Mel had a bad accident, was thrown from her car to the pavement and broke her wrist, arm and leg on her right side. She had surgery and is now miraculously home, but with a long rehab and recovery ahead of her.

Dana is the primary caregiver, and working together and being married many years, they wouldn’t have it any other way. But Mel and Dana are self-employed, having loved and groomed many many animals on this island for over l0 years. Their livelihood is from Paw Spa & Resort.

Melody has said “My mission is to create a loving, joyful and safe ‘home away from home’ for all the pet companions who work so hard taking amazing care of their humans. I feel blessed to be a part of this process.”

This recovery will be a long process, but both Dana and Mel are strong willed, love the work they do, and are already in the process of doing what is needed to heal and return to what they love. While they will be unable to provide this service for the foreseeable future, their expenses live on. These are hard times, but any little bit will help this family a great deal. Please donate at the GoFundMe fundraising site to help the couple. Thanks.

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