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Pandemic dating habits

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, MedStar Health conducted a recent survey to learn more about pandemic dating habits. With 47% of adults nation-wide saying they are re-entering the dating scene, there is a new set of priorities that come with dating in the age of COVID-19.

Of those beginning to date again, preparations to re-enter the dating scene were ranked in priority order:

Focusing on mental health (33% of respondents)

Personal grooming (29% of respondents)

Going to the gym (24% of respondents)

STD testing (8% of respondents)

Evaluating birth control methods (6% of respondents)

Other survey findings show that:

Dating priorities have shifted

Pandemic daters now value vaccination status over similar political views, and when asked to rank traits in order of priority the survey showed that personal hygiene was key:

Good personal hygiene

Similar life views

Vaccination status

Financial stability

Similar future goals

Similar political views

Other pandemic dating facts

61% would discuss their vaccination status when dating a new person

57% would share food on a date

47% agree that COVID-19 means they go on fewer dates

14% prefer Zoom dates rather than in person dates

47% plan to re-enter the dating scene this year


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