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March 31: Public Meeting about fox photography concerns on San Juan Island

San Juan Island National Historical Park is hosting a public meeting at 1 p.m. Thursday, March 31, 2022 at the American Camp visitor center to address public concerns regarding fox photography on the American Camp prairie this kitting season.

Brad Pillow took these two photos of a fox spooked by a group of people recently at American Camp on San Juan Island. Brad follows all the guidelines regarding distance. His photos are taken with a high quality long lenses, cropped tightly and are a product of his hours of patience. 

The park has recognized that the popularity of the American Camp prairie for wildlife photography is an issue of concern to many members of the community who care deeply about the park’s natural resources.

At this meeting, park management's natural resource specialist will listen to and address public concerns and outline the park’s plans for this year’s kitting season.

If you have further questions, send e-mail to Cyrus_Forman@nps.gov or call Cyrus Forman at 360-298-4698.

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