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United Way of San Juan County distributes $81K to 8 local entities

United Way of San Juan County has allocated $81,000 to seven local non-profits and a school district serving San Juan County residents this year. The allocations were made possible by donations during the 2021 United Way of San Juan County fundraising. We greatly appreciate the generosity of our donors, especially during such a difficult, and sometimes, volatile time.

“These allocations may help a child struggling in school, a cold weather shelter for the homeless, or an elder needing help with transportation to remain independent in their home,” said UWSJC President William Morrissey . “Imagine the impact you can have with your donation. The number of needs continues to grow, but we are proud to live in a generous community that takes care of their own.”

We have experienced incredible demonstrations of compassion, hope, resilience, kindness and gratitude from the organizations and programs we support.

“We continue to be grateful for the support of the United Way of San Juan County and thank you for the opportunity to request funding again. We share in your goal that ALL children in San Juan County enter kindergarten ready to thrive” said James P. Connell, Ph.D. from The Early Childhood Education Initiative Steering Committee.

“Thanks again for sticking with our tenacious volunteer group of social workers committed to making free or affordable rides and deliveries available to island residents” said Curt VanHyning Board Chair of Island Rides.

Organizations and Programs that United Way supports:


Lopez Children’s Center

Lopez Island Family Resource Center: Building Resiliency and Creating Opportunities


Orcas Island Community Foundation: Early Childhood Education Initiative

Orcas Community Resource Center


San Juan Island Family Resource Center: Family Support Program

San Juan Island School District: Special Pal Program / Primary Intervention (PIP)


Whatcom Council on Aging: Meals on Wheels and More in San Juan County

San Juan Islands Shuttle System: Island Rides

Thank you to the committed volunteers who helped our Board process the applications.

Each year we come away with a renewed appreciation of the work accomplished with United Way dollars raised by our supportive island community.

If you would like to help with the sustainability and growth of these important programs, please consider donating to United Way at https://www.unitedwaysjc.com/donate.

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