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May 22-27: Gathering of the Eagles Canoe Journey - Lopez, Orcas, San Juan Island

Gathering Of the Eagles Canoe Journey 2022 takes place May 22- 28 with stays at Lopez, Orcas and San Juan Islands from May 22-26. There will be opportunities for community members to attend some events. (Editor's note: I'll highlight those activities once I confirm which ones they are.) Volunteers are still needed.

Stephanie Buffum | 360.472.0404

Matt Wicky | 360.440.5927

Freddie Lane | kaiganiwaa@gmail.com 

Canoes participating: 

1. Skul-itch (Octopus) Canoe Family | Skipper: Phil Red Eagle |  Tacoma WA

2. El Lobo | Skipper: Tsali Cross | Portland OR

3. Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe Society | Skipper: Anela Guiterrez | Maui, HI

4. Puyallup Canoe Family | Skipper: Connie McCloud | Puyallup Tribe of Indians

5. Kwianna Canoe Society | Skipper Matt Wickey | San Juan Island, WA
6. Lummi Canoe | TBD
7. Ishil-yexnela | Skipper:  Sam Barr | Stillaguamish/Samish, WA
8. Worsh Frog | Skipper:  Robert Kager | Cour' Alene, ID
9. Chief Leschi Canoe Family | (verbal commitment)
For the protection of the elders and paddlers, Covid-19 Vaccination Cards Required at all events.
Updated Schedule:

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