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Independence Day on Lopez Island

  • Written by Barbara Paulsen

What more fitting a topic for an Independence Day parade than a person's right to control over their own body and its functions? A huge crowd made signs and marched in the Lopez Island Fourth of July parade for exactly that cause: the restoration of the right to choose.

The Lopez parade had the usual collection of tractors, local charitable groups and organizations, some large hoofed animals and a collection of old or odd vehicles. In the midst of all this came a group of people who easily outnumbered all of the other humans participating in the parade. They carried signs and chanted, advocating for the return of Roe v. Wade and the protection of the right to a safe, legal abortion and control over one's own body.

The group was met with cheers and standing ovations as it passed by the spectators along the road in Lopez Village. This is an issue that touches the hearts and futures of all who value independence.

Photos and article by Barbara Paulsen

Lopez Island, WA

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