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Awards presented at the 10th annual Friday Harbor Film Festival

The Friday Harbor Film Festival thanks all the film lovers, filmmakers, volunteers, and sponsors for making the 10th anniversary festival a success. More than 600 people viewed documentaries at the In-Theatre Festival. Twenty-nine filmmakers attended, speaking at Q&As and at the Filmmakers Forum.

The 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Sidewinder Films/Foundation for Global Sports Development, followed by screening their production of Waterman.

Orcas Island educator and photographer Robert Dash was honored as the Local Hero. He presented a stunning slideshow of his work showing the complex patterns and textures of micro nature.

Audience Choice Awards were announced Sunday evening, followed by screening the winning documentary:

Best Overall Feature -The Long Rider, directed by Sean Cisterna

Explorers & Adventures Winner – Watson, directed by Lesley Chilcott

Tales from the Heart Winner – Corky, directed by Christine Caruso

Things to Consider Winner – The Pollinators, directed by Peter Nelson

Best Short Film – Bring the Salmon Home, directed by Shane Anderson

Filmmakers and film lovers have been lavish in their praise of the festival. Here’s an example from Ron Precious: “I think you have set a new standard for how all local and even national film festivals should be organized and run. After a two-year hiatus, you have come back stronger than ever and delivered a primo festival… The Filmmakers' Forum was another highlight for me. It gives me such great joy to hear today's young documentary filmmakers expressing their concerns about this art form and their passion to tell a story that has meaning and consequence.”

Local Hero Robert Dash wrote: “Thanks so much for a remarkable festival this past weekend. Ranna and I enjoyed it tremendously, and we were overwhelmed by the hospitality and positive spirit that welcomed us all along the way. It was a great pleasure to connect with you, and to network with other creative participants. You've got a great formula and the best people to make it happen. May this festival continue to flourish and inspire far into the future.”

Following the In-Theatre Festival the On-Demand Festival continued through October 31 on the www.fhff.org website. Current passholders may watch films using their current FHFF PASS through Friday November 4.


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