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New lunch menu at The Restaurant at Friday Harbor House

The Restaurant at Friday Harbor House has launched their new lunch menu, now available Friday through Monday, from 12 noon to 4 p.m. They invite locals, hotel guests and San Juan Island travelers to immerse themselves in a delightful al fresco dining experience that combines land and sea specials inspired by the islands themselves.

Diners will enjoy curated menu selections that reflect the best of the local area, all while seated on the restaurant’s stunning outdoor patio overlooking the Friday Harbor marina. Dive into oceanic bliss with each freshly shucked oyster or let the vibrant flavors of the pork banh mi transport you to sun-drenched landscapes. Whichever dish you choose, it’s sure to deliver you a unique experience.

Guests can expect to leave with a revitalized palate, satisfied tastebuds and panoramic views of the San Juan Channel etched into their memories.

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