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Scarecrows abound throughout Town of Friday Harbor - photos of all entries

Photographer Matt Pranger took advantage of a sunny day before the storms hit and snapped photos of all but one of the 18 entries in the 2023 Scarecrow Contest presented by the Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Friday Harbor. The High School entry wasn't quite finished but the 17 others are posted below. 

Maps and ballots are available from the Chamber of Commerce. Folks are encouraged to vote for their favorite. Votescan be cast online at https://sanjuanisland.org/


1. Beast Mode San Juan Fitness | 435 Argyle Ave

2. Ghoulish Greta  SJIMA | 540 Spring Street

3.Elvis Parsley | Second Act | 15 Second St | Lisa Spreyer and Owen Hill

4. Full Moon Manny | Rooted Physical Therary | 777 Mullis

5. Mazy | Julie's Nursery | 150 Web Street

6. Adam Assessment | SJC Assessor's Office Hallway in Courthouse

7. Dread Pirate Eddie | Tina's Place | 205 S St. | Cutthroat Pirates


8. Ms. Fizzle | Stem Building FH High School | Garson  [Will be posted once it is finished.]

9. The "HAY"-llelujah Girls | SJCT Outer lobby | 100 Second Street

10. Prehistoric Harvest | Browne's Home Center | 860 Mullis

11 Robinhood Stork | Calvary San Juan and Lisa Myers | corner of Guard and Tucker

12. Hero's Salute | San Juan Canvas | 271 Front St

13. To Gnome Me is to Love Me | San Juan Physical Therapy

14. Miss Betty Getsa Treasure | Treasure Hounds | 365 C Spring Street

15. Morticia | Village at the Harbor | 543 Spring St

16. Guardian's Fleece Defender | Guardian Veterinary Hospital | 80 Web St 

17. Hay-zel the Cat Lady | Town of Friday Harbor | corner of West and Second St


18. Patches Jr. the Third | Stillpoint School | 775 Park St




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