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Capt. Lynn Danaher to be awarded Sweeney Medal

Since 1914, The Explorers Club has recognized the world's greatest explorers with exploration's highest honors. Greely, Amundsen, Nansen — Piccard, Armstrong, Heyerdahl — Goodall, Leakey, Hillary — Roosevelt, Sullivan, Walsh — the history of this Club is written in the legacy of the giants whom they celebrate.

The newest class of awardees includes San Juan Island and Hawaii resident Lynn Danaher. Capt. Danaher will receive the Edward C. Sweeney Medal. It is awarded annually to a member of the Club having exhibited by his or her work and actions outstanding interest in the welfare and objectives of The Explorers Club.

Captain  Danaher has been a National Fellow of The Explorers Club for nearly two decades, since 2005. A lifelong mariner and intrepid explorer, Lynn has guided expeditions across seven continents, mastering the waves from Polynesia to the Arctic Circle.

As a dedicated Explorers Club member, Lynn has led nine Flag Expeditions over the past 20 years, in which time she also chaired the Pacific Northwest Chapter, served on the board of Directors for six years, and led the Building Restoration Committee, responsible for the restoration and historic modernization of our beloved New York City Headquarters.

Now, her passion for historic preservation drives her to renovate historic buildings in Hawaii and Washington State, adding new chapters to the adventurous tale of her life.

When announcing the news to friends, Danaher said, "This is a lifetime achievement award for me.  An acknowledgment at long last of my road less taken.  I never graduated from college but instead forged a path of voracious reading and self taught learning.  Coupled with profound experiences that included great risk taking.  All the while I remained driven by intense, insatiable curiosity.  Upon reflection, though my path was very untypical, I regret nothing and cherish the memories of my grand adventures and my precious family. I am so incredibly honored to be amongst such company, as my other awardees.....what an extraordinary group of accomplished individuals!! Mahalo for being part of my life..."

The 120th Annual Dinner will be held on April 20, 2024 in New York City.

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