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June 16: The Righteous Mothers at Tokitae stage in Friday Harbor

Join us at Brickworks at 6 pm Sunday, June 16 for a night of amazing music and good vibes. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Joyce L. Sobel Family Resource Center and the San Juan Islands Agricultural Guild.
The Righteous Mothers are four funny, philosophical, female musicians who whip audiences into a frenzy with their original songs, theatrical antics, close harmony vocals, and guitar, piano, bass and percussion accompaniment.
For 40 years the band has balanced music and family with careers in teaching, writing, and law. They've performed at major festivals around the country including the Vancouver Folk Festival, Bumbershoot, Kerrville Folk Festival, and the National Women's Humor Festival. They’ve also played conferences for the Girl Scout Executive Directors, the Clipped Wings flight attendants’ organization and many more. They even played for the Seahawks union when they were on strike.

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