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Consequences of Solid Waste Vote spelled out

Resolution 43-2011, passed Tuesday, October 11 by the San Juan County Council spells out what happens if  voters approve or don't approve the Solid Waste ballot measure in November. Unlike the clunky verbage used in the ballot measure, the resolution clearly articulates the situation, why the parcel fee option was chosen and how the solid waste operations will be run in either election outcome scenario.

Plan A (voters approve the parcel fee) retains the current combination of self-haul and route based (curb-side) service. It keeps the three - Orcas, Lopez and San Juan Island - facilities operating. The San Juan facility would be improved either at the town site or at the property the county owns near the town site. Services to the outer islands would be restored. The county is in negotiations with the Port of Lopez about the port operating the Lopez facility.

Plan B (the measure is turned down) service is route-based (curb-side) pickup. The county will not operate any self-haul/drop off services. If a private enterprise decides to offer a self-haul service, they would need industrial storm water and solid waste management permits. It is assumed the use of packer trucks or dumpster rentals would be the most likely way to offer the service. The rates for these services would not be set by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission. The rates for San Juan Sanitation are set by the WUTC.

The solid waste measure is on the November 8 general election ballot.

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