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Solid waste parcel fee losing 68-32 percent

The percentage changed slightly after more votes were counted on Wednesday, November 9 but the result remained the same for the Solid Waste parcel fee. It was rejected be the voters. The updated total is 2,203 (31.63%) for and 4,763 (68.37%) against.

As a result the county will change from a three-facility (San Juan, Orcas and Lopez) operation to a zero-facility model. Garbage and recycling will be collected at curbside by San Juan Sanitation and taken directly to Skagit County. Self haul ends unless a private business decides to provide a packer truck or dumpster at a parking lot and charge for people to deposit their garbage bags.It is estimated it will take six months for the switch-over.

A recycling facility is proposed in a rural neighborhood on San Juan Island.

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