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Comments on County Solid Waste Plan Due by March 16

March 16, 2012 is the deadline for comments on San Juan County's draft Solid Waste Management Plan. The draft plan is available for public review on the County website, at the Public Works, county Council and other County offices. It is also available at most public libraries.

Planner Elizabeth Anderson suggests that most people may want to read the summary of changes to the collection system written up in Chapter one, then zero in on the chapters to subjects of most interest.

Major topics include: Waste Reduction (Chapter 4), Collection (Chapter 5), Administration, including potential costs (Chapter 9), Hazardous Wastes (Chapter 10) and details of upcoming collection and transfer system changes (Chapters 5 & 6).

Public Comments received by the deadline will reach the county Council members before their review and the council's public hearing.

The exact date of its hearing has not yet been set.

Following the Council's review, the revised plan - including edits and updates from the public response and the Council's updates, will be submitted to the state Department of Ecology (DOE) for technical review.

The Plan will then receive one more review by both the Council and the DOE before it final acceptance and implementation.

Comments should be addressed to:

Email: elizabetha@sjcpublicworks.org


Elizabeth Anderson, AICP

Solid Waste Program Planner

P. O. Box 729

Friday Harbor, WA 98250

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about the System Described in the Draft Solid & Hazardous Waste Plan

Will reuse operations continue at the Exchange and the Take It or Leave It?

Yes. Reuse facilities will continue to operate at their current locations. Some lease arrangements need to be worked out.

Will route collection of recycling be available?

Yes. The Council will pass a Level of Service ordinance that will require any garbage route collection company to add commingled recyclables to its services.

Will County facilities be open at all?

That is the intent. County staff is preparing a request for proposals to lease the Orcas facilities to qualified service providers.

How will other services, besides garbage and recyclables, be provided?

The service operator at the county facilities may collect special wastes. Used motor oil may be accepted at the Public Works road services shops on San Juan and Orcas where heating equipment is designed to burn used motor oil as fuel. ­­­ Noxious weeds and beach or roadside litter collection services would still be available at no charge through a County program. Drop-off service for appliances and scrap metal may be accepted at local businesses.

Will household hazardous waste collection continue to be offered?

The County intends to continue regular household hazardous waste (HHW) and small quantity generator (SQG) collection events.

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