OPALCO seeking redundancy for mainland path to avoid future power outages

The power outage affecting the San Juan Island Sunday night was caused by a transformer failure on the mainland. Power was out for all of San Juan County and thousands of Puget Sound Energy (PSE) customers on the mainland. PSE restored power throughout the area by 2 am.

OPALCO is continuing to work with Bonneville Power Administration and PSE to find solutions for redundancy on the mainland path for the islands' power supply.

OPALCO’s call center was inundated by more than 4,000 calls. OPALCO asks that people, check OPALCO’s outage center (www.opalco.com/outages) on a smart phone before deciding to call. You can see if your area is already reported and you can also see updates on the outage page.

You can also follow OPALCO: @orcaspower, on Facebook at OrcasPower and online at www.opalco.com.

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